Necip Fazıl Kısakürek was born on 26 May 1904. Fazil, who started his education life in Mahlele Mektebi, received religious education from his father Abdülbaki Fazıl Bey. The traces of this education are also found in poetry. Interest in poetry begins in the years he spends in Mekteb-i Fünun-u Bahriye-i Şaha-ne. Here, there are powerful names such as Yahya Kemal and Hamdullah Suphi. Necip Fazıl, whose interest in poetry has increased due to their influence, publishes a weekly magazine named "Nihal". In 1921, the poet, who was enrolled in the Philosophy Department of Darülfunun, also met some famous names. These names are influential in the formation and development of poetry. He published his first poems in "Yeni Mecmua" magazine and then started to write in various magazines. Abdülhakîm Arvâî is one of the people who left the most traces in his life. It is the turning point of Fazil's life. With his influence, Necip Fazıl's thought world changes. Thanks to the Great Eastern magazine he has discovered, he becomes a voice of a conservative literature. Thirty-five years of publishing continues in the journal Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, Sezai Karakoç, Özdemir Asaf, Peyami Safa and many poets, such as religious, literary, political and so on. they contain the works they wrote on the subject. This study will focus on Necip Fazıl's Poetry. When an assessment is made on the poetics, it is seen that Necip Fazili's opinions about the poet and poetry take place here.


Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, Petika, Necip Fazıl's Poetry

Author : -Asiye SAYMAZ
Number of pages: 25-28
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